Monday, August 13, 2007

One and one is four hundred?

That is wildly incorrect, except for here, where one is me, Mel, and one is Sarah, and four hundred is the number of new movies, collectively, it is our goal to watch this year. We figured, since that is a rather staggering number, that it would be nice of us to share our experiences and opinions with you. Perhaps it would also be interesting to see whether we can reach our goal, since we both have fairly busy schedules in the coming months.
The only rule when it comes to including a movie on our lists is that the movies have to be new to us, they do not have to be movies that were released this year (though many will be).
I realize, of course, that the year is already more than half over. I will be posting links to our lists so far soon, along with ratings. I rate my movies according to a four star system.
I hope if you have found your way to this blog you enjoy it and will come back to see how the quest is going.


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