Saturday, February 9, 2008

Number Four 2007

4. Because I Said So 1/2

Mandy Moore has found herself a disappointing niche in the movies, playing young women with parental, or parental-figure issues. I am only a little bit embarrassed to admit that I really like Mandy Moore; I think she's charming, pretty and talented, not necessarily, but probably, in that order. So I'm sad to see that, according to IMDB, she has no upcoming projects. I hope she can find work after her disastrous 2007,which saw the release of Because I Said So, License To Wed, and Southland Tales.
The basic plot of this movie is; Diane Keaton doesn't like the guys daughter Mandy Moore is dating, so she sets her up with a guy she approves, then everyone gets mad at each other and Diane Keaton (spoiler!) ends up marrying the dad from 7th Heaven. Along the way Mandy Moore dates both Tom Everett Scott and a really hot guy with a kid, she has a threeway phone conversation with her sisters, in which one of the sisters receives "oral pleasure" from her husband, Diane Keaton acts ridiculous, and Mandy Moore and Diane Keaton rearrange Mandy's apartment.
The only good thing I have to say about this movie, aside from the aforementioned hot dad Mandy Moore ends up with, is that Mandy Moore is a small business owner (which is also becoming a trend for her in her roles; see also License to Wed), which is cool, but the business is some sort of baking/catering company, because all women are good for is cooking and being klutzy on a Hilary Duff-esque level.
I wish Diane Keaton would make a really good movie. We all know she can do it, and there's really no excuse for her not to; the last two years have shown that people are writing amazing roles for women "of a certain age." I mean, I liked The Family Stone just fine, and I am still kind of interested in seeing Mad Money, but come on. This is Annie Hall we're talking about. She can do so much better.